Curried chicken with peanut sauce, Thai or teriyaki beef, blackened Cajun or teriyaki salmon with lemon dill aioli

Tea Sandwiches
Tuna Nicoise, salmon and dill, chicken tarragon, egg salad and chive, smoked salmon and cream cheese, and cucumber and goat cheese

Salad Rolls
Prawn and mango, crab and papaya, chicken with apricot, or vegetarian, served with ginger soy dipping sauce

Curried vegetable, Caribbean chicken or spicy beef, served with plum mango chutney

Smoked salmon with lemon dill cream cheese Peking duck with plum and orange chutney

Assorted California and Maki rolls
served with wasabi, ginger and soya sauce

Grilled Prawns
Herbed, chipotle, or tikka masala served with mango salsa

Italian, tarragon and lime, or ginger citrus

Smoked Salmon Lollipops
Dilled cream cheese wrapped in smoked salmon

Mini BLT
Mini toast with bacon, lettuce and tomato

Served with tzatiki

Mini Pizzas
Caramelized onion and gorgonzola cheese, BBQ chicken, wild mushroom and asiago, or olive, sundried tomato and feta

Strawberry and camembert, smoked salmon and dill, prawn and cucumber, bruchetta, or curried chicken

Mini Frittata
Ham and brie, wild mushroom and truffle, prosciutto and goat cheese, or olive, feta and sundried tomato

Mini Mignon
Mini filet wrapped in prosciutto and served with peppercorn gravy

Mini Shepherds Pie
Savory beef pies with whipped garlic
mashed potatoes

Beef Coins
Beef tenderloin served on a garlic crostini served with gorgonzola cream sauce

Risotto Balls
Breaded risotto balls stuffed with applewood smoked cheese

Crab Cakes
Mini crab cakes with tropical fruit salsa

Rice Cakes
Smoked salmon or curried vegetable

Mini Burgers
One bite burgers with all the trimmings

Cucumber Cups
Curried chicken or Thai beef

Phyllo Purses
Curried chicken with mango and cashews, shrimp with lemon dill cream cheese, or gorgonzola and crab and mango

Phyllo Triangles
Wild mushroom and goat cheese, curried chicken, and sundried tomato and cream cheese

Mini Yorkshire Pudding
Yorkshire puddings stuffed with beef filet and served with beef demi-glace dipping sauce

Mini Phyllo Quiche
Ham and brie, grilled vegetable, smoked salmon, or spinach and artichoke

Mini Tomatoes
Cherry tomatoes stuffed with pesto cream cheese and topped with toasted pine nuts

Mini Kebobs
Jerk chicken, Dijon beef and rosemary

Pear and stilton, chicken, avocado and tomato, or three cheese

Crispy Wonton Cups
Ahi tuna, ginger beef or Thai chicken

Lamb Chops
Mini lamb chops served with mint aioli

Mini Grilled Cheese
Mini grilled three cheese sandwiches